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Donate by bank transfer

About, how to ask for help, you can find here.

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DETAILS to provide charitable assistance:

Through this form you can do the translation for the Trust Fund from your account in Privatbank, including - from the account "Bonus Plus". Enter the amount you wish to donate and click.

Online switches with Visa cards and MasterCard (default donation amount - 50 USD, you can change it on page payment)



Donations terminals PrivatBank (detailed instructions- тут , The default amount - 50 USD, you can change it on page payment)


And most cherished feature ... Honestly - everyone wants charitable foundation that you took advantage of it :). function "make regular payment".


This means that the said card, said amount of stated purpose of payment will be remitted regularly, every month, set your day. For example, if you support the campaign "Give five!" Then once setting translation 5, 50, 500 USD for the program "Паллиатив" fifth day each month, you can be sure that your donation will be made, even if you forget or be heavily occupied. And if, for example, the map will not be enough money the system notifies you by SMS that she failed to make a payment.

Details on how to do transfer via Privat24, as well as how to set up regular payments - тут

Bank transfers the accounts of the fund:

in PAT KB "ПриватБанк", metropolitan branch:

(operating expense in UAH)

Code EGRPOY 38662944

MFO: 300711

r/r 26007052730058

Recipient CF "open palm"

Payment: voluntary donation

Optionally, you can also specify the name of the program in which you want to help.

in PAT "PUMB" in. Kiev:

(funds operating in UAH, USD and EUR):

Code EGRPOU 38662944

MFO 334851

r/s 26006621

Recipient CF "open palm"

Payment: voluntary donation

To support our fund projects online payments You may also Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace. List of active projects fund - here.

Means, which came to a particular ward, not issued its representative simply by the fact of receipt, and lists only the specific charge reasonable needs documented.

If you want to transfer the donations to address specific ward name of the fund, please note, that while you automatically agree to the following rule:

"When transferring funds to the Foundation "Open palm" for a particular ward I give permission to use these funds for other charges relevant programs in cases where their use according to the purpose can not be (The patient completed a course of treatment, the child's parents / adult ward had refused to help fund other essential circumstances exclude the possibility of the use of finances). "