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Spichek Yaroslav


23 года

Диагноз: Cystic fibrosis
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

Yaroslav is 22 years old. Formerly, a boy who's always been fond of reading, now – a young scientist, a graduate student of Kyiv-Mohylianka Academy Philosophy Department.

Formerly, a sportsman, having managed to attain a senior degree in compound bow shooting, now – on the Ministry of Health's waiting list for foreign medical treatment funding: a boy is waiting for lungs' transplant. However, he needs to sustain his life till the moment when the necessary funds have been allocated. Now he needs to collect money for special nutrition that would maintain his physical shape just so that he would be deemed fit and eligible for the surgery.

In a situation like this а PEG tube is placed in a patient's body – a special tube for enteral nutrition that delivers special high-calorie formula directly to the person's stomach, thus enabling the person to quickly gain weight. For Yaroslav, adequate weight is one of his eligibility requirements to be admitted for the surgery, but enteral nutrition formulas are quite costly.

And this is just one of the few challenges that his family has to overcome on his road to the life-giving surgery. So, we ask that you share Yaroslav's family burden and help him at least with this one challenge – pay for the stock of nutrition for the guy. And someone else with help pays for other challenges, and by combining our efforts we'll be able to help the boy gain his life. Let us do it together!

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