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Shui Nazar


10 лет

Диагноз: Сystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency, severe course
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

Nazar's illness is called cystic fibrosis. It is a genetic defect which interferes with all of the body systems. The person with cystic fibrosis has to take digestive enzymes every time they eat, to be able to digest the food. Moreover, for that person to simply be able to breathe, they have to do a lot of things every day: several nebulizer treatments with different medications, postural massage, and special exercises. Because in cystic fibrosis, the mucus in the lungs is very thick and cannot be coughed up. And the bacteria that cause major infections breed in that mucus. To be able to prevent the infections and keep the lungs functioning, one must put forth a lot of effort. It is equally important for the person with cystic fibrosis to stay active and to exercise, and those things require strength.

It is impossible to cure Nazar's illness: medical research has not yet come up with a cure. But it is possible to help Nazar fight his illness.

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