04655, Kyiv
Polyarnaya Street, home 20, office 311

Polkovnichenko Hlib


3 года

Диагноз: Сongenital heart disease: state after radical correction of complete atrioventricular communication, moderate pulmonary hypertension, heart failure 11A, state after an acute renal failure, chromosomal trisomy 21
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

Of the 2.5 years of life, almost half are in intensive care, 10 heart surgeries, multiple severe infections, days in the hospital are more than days at home. Lungs didn’t learn to breathe well. For the first time, the baby was able to be taken home for the first birthday - along with an oxygen device operating from an outlet. You won't connect it in the train, you often have to go to the hospital, and every trip is not for the weak-nerved: the lips are blue, the face is white, the baby suffocates. The sunny baby needs a portable oxygen machine so that he can breathe wherever he is.

Unfortunately, Glib has a lot of problems – in spite of many operations, his heart is still weak, his kidneys and lungs fail, every day there are many worries, and every hour of life is a struggle. A little boy tries his best.

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