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Oleksandra Antonenko


30 лет

Диагноз: Simple hypoplasia of the lungs, bronchiectasis of both lungs, bullous emphysema of the lungs, post-mortem condition of pneumodiazepine
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

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"I have two children, and nobody but myself cares about them. I am not planning to die. I mustn't get worse", that's how we first met Sasha. She is 28 years old and she is the mother of two adorable children – Stepaт and Kseniia-Kvitka. They are just 8 and 6 years of age, but they are already responsible and help their mom as well as take care of her. Sasha has a serious illness – lung hypoplasia and emphysema. That means her lungs are not working well any longer, and slowly but inexorably, they are dying.

At this time, she only has about 20 percent left of functional lung tissue. But Sasha can't give up! Stepan and Oksana need their mom, and their mom needs her children. Why and how did this happen? It is a long story with many factors involved – heredity, an unhappy marriage, lack of support from anyone, including her parents, and a lot of hard work in order to survive and bring up the children. Sasha has not had much happiness in her life, but despite that, she has not lost her trust in life and in people. Even though at this time, it is very difficult for her to continue trusting.

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