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Kharchenko Milana


1 год

Диагноз: Cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency, severe course
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

"Our little princess is called Milana Aleksandrovna! She was born on 2 May and weighed 2,870 g at birth. Our "Thumbelina" grew up as a cheerful funny child until we became disconcerted with her breathing…", the girl's mother Yana doesn't leave anything out while telling us the story of her child. "She poorly gained weight, lost her appetite, started having daily tummy aches and frequently vomited… We've been able to manage these symptoms to a certain extent after we'd introduced special nutrition. Still, every month we would end up in the hospital due to bronchitis or pneumonia." Finally, the little one has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, the disease one can live with, but it turns out to be a very expensive life. The life that a single mother raising three children on her own cannot afford.

Milana has an elder brother and sister (healthy siblings) and their mother cares for them on her own. It's needless to say how strenuous it is and cystic fibrosis is a disease that always keeps you on your toes. You can preserve your life only provided you have a fully-fledged integrated therapy, which means daily administration of a bunch of medicines, special exercises to help you cough up the mucus lest your lungs will have a problem breathing, special high-calorie supplemental diet lest you stop gaining weight.

Little Milana needs a miracle. The grown-up Yana needs specific help from other adults and a helping reliable hand from her friends which will prevent her from despairing and will provide everything the little one needs to keep her disease in check.

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