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Chizhov Danilо


6 лет

Диагноз: Cystic fibrosis
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

How to make living when you are a young woman, have two small boys born in wedlock in a big family… but there is neither that marriage anymore nor those people… Only two boys and severe illness of the youngest son, Danylo. Nastia does not surrender to despair; she completed additional training and got a job. The boys are loved and cared for. But for the medicines which the little one should take for all his life, there is no money left.

Little Dania has cystic fibrosis, severe genetic disease damaging the whole organism, especially lungs, pancreatic gland, liver… Just to breathe the little boy should have every day inhalations, drink syrups and take medicines to hawk sticky mucus that block his respiratory tracts. He should have regular antibiotics treatments – via the intravenous route and in the form of inhalations. To save liver Dania should have Ursofalk, and only this medicine costs some hundreds of hryvnyas.

In her young ages, Nastia had difficult experience in life. She was young when her mom died; she started to work when she was a teenager, and then marriage, the birth of two sons and terrible diagnosis of the youngest. She was taking care of two seriously ill lying adults at the same time, underwent death of relatives, treachery, and indifference… But Nastia believes in love, hopes for the best; she believes that kindness exists and every cloud has silver lining…just one should make some efforts.

Now the young woman should solve a lot of issues to arrange her life with children. We want to help her and pay bills from the pharmacy for small Dania to have all lifesaving medicines. Not only his today’s state of health but his health in the future depends on this because cystic fibrosis is a cruel illness: no breaks in the therapy are allowed.

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