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Cherepkov Ilya


7 лет

Диагноз: Cystic fibrosis
Категория: Підопічні сім`ї

"Mom, how many more medicines and treatments am I going to need?", the six-year-old Illiusha asked. And his mother didn't know how to tell him that he's going to need them his entire life... Her son has a serious illness which has no cure, but which can be treated. The person can adjust to living with this illness and remain stable for many years.

However, to do that, one has to have an entire arsenal of medical equipment and multiple medications which must be taken every day. IIlia is already old enough to understand that he must fight for his life every single day. That, if he does not follow all the treatment recommendations, he will feel worse and can even die. Ilyusha is fighting. But he needs our help.

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