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Чернігівська обласна дитяча лікарня


2019 лет

Ukrainian Hospital

Pulmonology Department of the Chernihiv regional children's hospital is the only one in the whole region where children with chronic bronchial obstructive diseases, congenital malformations of the respiratory system, cystic fibrosis and other diseases of the bronchopulmonary system are treated. And the doctors ask us to help. To help in a simple and at the same time difficult task – to enable children to breathe.

Think about this figure: 1 300 children per year! And in order to help, you need 11 847 UAH for three powerful inhalers and a stock of consumables for a year. Is this a lot or a little? And how much does it cost to provide better treatment? After all, the question is not only in the medicines, but how correctly, precisely, in doses and pointwise they will be provided. High-quality medical equipment means that the medicine will be fully supplied to the child's body, there will be a proper treatment and the predicted result. The child will not have to do inhalation more often and to stay longer in the hospital for treatment.

It's time to start changing our hospitals and treatment conditions. After all, who, if not we?

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