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Donations to the fund via Privat24? It's easy!

We are often asked, "and whether PrivatBank cards for donations, and then me via Privat24 comfortable." The answer: no card, as the fund - is due to a legal entity. But to make donations to the fund through Privat24 as easy as on the card. In addition, there are a couple Privat24 functions help you to help with less tension for myself :).

So, in order to make a transfer to the fund via Privat24, necessary:

Step 1. Once logged in Privat24, go to the tab above "all services" - the left side of the "Payments" - it "For Ukraine"


Step 2. Before your form of payment. Recipient - CF "open palm" beneficiary account number - 26007052730058, put a tick "Bill opened in PrivatBank" and MFIs with OKPO filled in automatically.

Payment - "charitable donation ..." (you can specify which program). Choose your map, which withdraw money. Enter amount. Click "continue".


Step 3. Page Data validation - watch the system understandable information as details CF "open palm" and click "Add to basket".


Step 4: Once in the cart, click "Confirm"


Step 5. The phone comes confirmation code, enter it in the box and click "Submit". Done! For a maximum of 3 days we receive your translation, so - our wards will help.


The system can not seek confirmation by SMS if it is not the first payment to these details. This is normal.

Here, everything is simple, and read the manual - longer than do! ;)

And a couple of useful functions for those who are willing to become our constant friend :).

Save Template Translation (To each time does not need to enter details):

After step 1 and 2 at ourselves inspection data. Click on "Save as template"


Specifies a pattern name (any, for which then will be available) and click "OK".


Done! Now when you want to reпідтримати нас, You just need to be:

Once logged in Privat24 go to the tab above "All Services" on the left side - "Payments" business "on the pattern"


Then choose from a list of templates required


and take you to the page already filled with details, which may wish to change the map, which will be made a donation, the amount of payment (for example - choose another program). Press "Submit". And then - steps 3 to 5.

And most cherished feature ... Honestly - everyone wants charitable foundation that you took advantage of it :). function "make regular payment".

After step 1, in step 2, you can check "to make a regular payment."


This means that the said card, said amount of stated purpose of payment will be remitted regularly, every month, set your day. For example, if you support the campaign "Give five!" Then once setting translation 5, 50, 500 USD for the program "Паллиатив" fifth day each month, you can be sure that your donation will be made, even if you forget or be heavily occupied. And if, for example, the map will not be enough money the system notifies you by SMS that she failed to make a payment.

We know that a lot of people ready to help neighbors, but do not want to queue to the cashier of the bank, which is not inspired again and again rewrite boring tsiferki IFI OKPO and so on. n. and, eventually, simply forget to do the translation. We hope that this guide will help You cope with these problems :)