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При муковісцидозі щодня обов`язково робити десяток інгаляцій. Тому, без інгалятора тут не обійтись ніяк, а інгалятор потрібен досить потужний, щоб витримати таку кількість інгаляцій.


Цієї весни біжимо заради тих, кому важко навіть ходити – їхні легені ушкоджені, вони не можуть дихати самі, вони живуть у лікарнях, прив’язані до кисневих шлангів. Ми з вами не зробимо їх здоровими, однак зробимо щасливими.


The most important thing is that it is indeed possible to live with cystic fibrosis. No matter how serious this illness is, the medications really do help. That's what makes it so much harder when a person simply cannot afford to buy these medications. But you know – and so do we – that when a person is in trouble and asks for help, someone will always help that person. We believe in you and hope for your help.


Левову частку суми на прид­бання необхідних апаратів для Ані вже вдалося зібрати. Не вистачає лише п’ятдесяти тисяч гривень. Ми і мама дівчинки звертаємось до всіх небайдужих дати малій надію на повноцінне життя і допомогти вдихнути на повні груди.


Elizaveta will soon be 12 years old – and every day, for all of these 12 years, she has been fighting for her life, and to be able to breathe. And today, she needs help in her fight--she needs an oxygen concentrator.


Подарувати посмішку - що може бути кращим?


We think that it is so easy for all of us to make the dream of this girl – to enjoy walks, meeting friends and not to be afraid of oxygen lack - come true. The cost of this dream is the cost of the apparatus, just money


Today we are asking to help to buy an oxygen device for a girl; it will help her to breathe during periods of exacerbations of pulmonary infections and not to suffocate at night, as well as a supply of special food. Please help the girl to live out the winter.


"We are always together" – is probably the main motto of the Molchanyuk family. "We go through difficult times together, we are together when things are bad, we celebrate victories together, too. And at this time, all of us together ask you for help for Andriusha and our family. It is very difficult to decide to ask for help, but sometimes, circumstances turn out in such a way that one cannot manage without others' help. Help in our case would mean life for Andryusha," his father Andrii tells us their sad story.


With your help we want to give Nastia possibility to be free, more mobile, practice dancing and travel to her beloved Carpathians. With a small inhalator using the batteries the girl can do inhalations everywhere and no be constantly attached to her flat. A store of medicines and consumables will give a family a small time out and a chance to earn for further treatment. Please support us; it is great to know that you helped somebody.