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We can help them not give up on illness. That is why we do not close our project for powerfulPARI nebulizers but proceed with collecting funds for new ones, and we believe that someday this waiting-line for free breathing will disappear... And no one will have to wait to breathe.


This project foresees the procurement of 15 sterilizing lamps which will go to a lot of Ukrainian cities and villages to help the most serious patients among the ones we are patronizing to struggle with cystic fibrosis.


Every boy and every girl born with cystic fibrosis is struggling daily with his/her life. Medications, inhalations, whole sets of physical exercises - no one can do it instead of them. And they work hard through "I do not want to", through "tired", through "no strength", again and again, fighting day by day. We want to do what we can – provide the equipment they need in this fight. For our boys and girls could use all the existing chances and live out. The aim of the project is to buy 8 sterilizers for 8 patients with cystic fibrosis from among our wards, who enrolled in the queue.


The pulmonology of the Kiev Institute of Amosov is waiting for Nastya as soon as possible. Mom is ready to collect a suitcase and book tickets right now, but without money for medicines, it has no sense. Meronem is prescribed this time – as many as 66 vials of 1 g for 3 weeks of treatment. For the budget funds, this drug is not yet purchased. And, although Mom constantly applies for funding for Nastya's treatment, real assistance is very small and there is nothing to pay for in-patient care.


Збираємо команду бігунів-фандрайзерів, котрим замало просто задоволення від самого бігу! Додаємо до тренувань ще більше сенсу


Misha is 12, he likes nature and animals, in good weather, he gets out for a walk, but at times like these, he spends time at home, drawing his imaginative world on a sheet of paper… Right now the boy is quite vulnerable to all the threats of the outside world. Please help us provide him some better nutrition, so that Mishka could grow and become stronger!


Ahead of summer, it means - many, many, many to walk, go to rest outside the city, to catch all that life, which is so little in the walls of the city apartment. But to take this opportunity in full force, to live this summer in full, Misha needs to make this jerk - to prepare his body. The course of rehabilitation is the best gift for a birthday!


Earlier Renata visited the famous Professor Kazyavkin Rehabilitation Center in Truskavets. But several years ago she discovered for herself the Rehabilitation Center called Vil’ny Rukh located in Boryspil’. She thinks that the classes there are not worse than in Truskavets. And it is easier and cheaper to go the suburb of Kyiv than to the other end of the country. ​The next course can begin right now, in April, so we don’t have much time, and the classes cannot be postponed – the schedule is set up for several months in advance. But we still have time to do it, don’t we?​


Ми хочемо сказати величезне спасибі тим 71 донорам, які повірили в нас і наш проект. Донації були різні - від 10 гривень до 30000 гривень. Це ще раз підтверджує той факт, що будь-які, навіть найменші пожертвування можуть змінювати світ на краще. І не потрібно соромитися давати маленьку суму - з них складаються ось такі ось чудові зміни. І звичайно ж, особливу подяку ми хотіли б від себе, від завідуючої відділенням Олени Валеріївни і від усіх мам передати компанії ТОВ «ТПО« ВАГО »і ТОВ« НВП «ВАГО», які зробили максимальні внески в реалізацію цього проекту. Без Вас всіх, наші друзі, ми б не впоралися!


​У 2017 році ми разом змогли подарувати ще на 41 посмішку більше! Аж 41 підопічний зміг отримати небулайзер Парі.