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With your help, we have been supporting Aliona for 4 years by now. It was made possible thanks to hundreds of people who didn’t stay indifferent but made a pause for a moment in order to help. The young woman’s current need is to pay the cost of antibiotics for her in-patient therapy course. Let us help her now.


It is very easy to help - to raise money for an oxygen concentrator to be purchased and additional consumables to it so that no infection is transmitted between the patients through the equipment. And this device will help doctors to save and cure our children for a long time.


Хочеш допомогти діткам, які проходять лікування від раку не почуватись самотніми? Тоді чекаємо тебе у нашій команді бігунів-фандрайзерів! Wizz Air Kiyv City Marathon 2018, що відбудеться 7 жовтня, та Благодійний Марафон чекає тебе! Фандрайзинг-Марафон - це коли ти тренуєшся, переборюєш себе і разом з цим допомагаєш збирати кошти, на які після Марафону фонд закупить іграшки для онкохворих діток, яким зараз самотньо у лікарнях.


Now Danylo has a very small family – only his mother is taking care of him and his brother-schoolboy, there is nobody else to help. That is why all of us together help Dan’ka. Simply because a small boy should not be alone. No one should be left alone with the misfortune. Today our task is to pay for the reserve of medicines for half a year and to buy missing equipment and consumables. Let the boy grow. And we'll take him to school together.


Our new task is to complete the pulmonology department of the Khmelnytskyi regional children's hospital with a modern multifunctional spirograph, as well as with a computer and a printer. This will enable doctors to do their job good and treat our children according to the best European protocols.


THANK YOU to all the wizards who helped close the fee for a little Vasilko in one day. This is our record!


Doctors of the department, parents, whose children are being treated in Chernihiv, and we ask you to help in this important fund-raising. It's time to start changing our hospitals and treatment conditions. After all, who, if not we?


One can accept the fact that an illness has no cure at this time, that medical research has not yet reached that point. But it is very unfair when the child gets sicker and dies before his time only because their family cannot afford to buy what is necessary to save his life. Help little Yurii and his family continue to fight!


It is impossible to cure Nazar's illness: medical research has not yet come up with a cure. But it is possible to help Nazar fight his illness. We ask for your support in paying for the medical devices and disposable supplies which would make the child's daily treatment more efficient.