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Angelina does not know that her life is so expensive. She wants to sing and dance. She is planning to go to school. She had to miss one year because the recrudescence happened too often, but she does not intend to miss another one. Help her, please, do not give up ahead of time!


The next inpatient treatment for Maxim is scheduled for December this year. He finds it hard to ask for help, but we are asking on his behalf. Maxim really needs it. He is no longer a child, he's been able to make it into the adulthood, but he strives to keep on living.


Now we ask for your help to buy Vika all the necessary equipment – this is vitally important for her


Зараз маємо нагоду раз і назавжди відповісти на сумніви, який розмір допомоги достатній. Як? Просто. Маємо зібрати разом всього 1000 звичайних людей, які можуть дарувати на добру справу 12 (дванадцять!) гривень на місяць. 12 – якось малувато і ніби незручно? Якщо нас буде 1000 – фонд отримуватиме для своїх підопічних 12 тисяч гривень на місяць, що = 144 тисячі гривень на рік. І для цього конкретно від тебе потрібно всього 12 грн./міс.


Our goal is to provide good quality nebulizers to all patients with cystic fibrosis because the effectiveness of their daily treatments depends on having a good quality nebulizer. We want these people not to have to choose whether to buy the necessary medical equipment or the medications because they cannot afford to pay for both.


Everything that Nastia likes, all her dreams, can definitely come true. With the help of an oxygen concentrator and drugs.


Ilyusha has already been very ill many times during his six and a half years of life, and his family's resources have been drained because of that. Therefore, his family is asking for our help.


Doctors of the department, parents whose children are being treated in Chernihiv, we ask you to help in this important funding collection. It's time to start changing our hospitals and treatment conditions. After all, who if not us?


We would very much like for Nastia's daily treatments to be as effective as possible, so she would have to go to the hospital and miss school – and recess, when it's so much fun to play with one's friends – as rarely as possible. We want Nastia to be able to be a child.


The boy will be able to continue to have active life, if one can purchase a portable device.