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We would very much like for Nastia's daily treatments to be as effective as possible, so she would have to go to the hospital and miss school – and recess, when it's so much fun to play with one's friends – as rarely as possible. We want Nastia to be able to be a child.


The boy will be able to continue to have active life, if one can purchase a portable device.


Портативний концентратор дозволить хлопчику повноцінно дихати і жити, подарує можливість виходити з дому та насолоджуватись навколишнім світом. Збір тривав майже рік і ми щиро вдячні кожному донору за його внесок і за те, що мрія Ваньки нарешті здійснилась


We consulted the experts in palliative care, we asked for the manufacturers' discounts and finally got an excellent offer in terms of price and quality. It remains only to raise funds and buy these 12 mattresses. And not to shudder any more when Dr.Zoya calls.


We want as little as possible horror in the New Year, and more joy. Let's do it together for our girls and boys.


Ilyusha needs a course of IV antibiotics in a hospital, to dampen down the infection and prevent further lung damage. But the antibiotics to which this infectious organism is sensitive are not affordable for his family, and his mother is asking for our help to cover the cost. Besides the antibiotics, for the daily home treatments to be effective, IIlia also needs a few pieces of medical equipment: a bactericidal lamp and a sterilizer, and also a special breathing exercise device, and a home trampoline for the physical therapy exercises.


We, adults, being big and strong, can easily help a small family to be together. And, probably, the most important thing is to help Misha to live fully the whole life that he has.


What can really help the boy is a portable oxygen unit – its batteries will give him the possibility to leave his apartment freely, walk outside, plan some meetings, business in the city and not to suffer at home when he feels bad and has to go to the hospital. It might feel eery for a healthy person to have to use special equipment to be able to breathe, but for Igor, it is a chance to live, a chance to freedom.


The whole group, and we will help the boy to win his life. Let's do it together!


And Nastia is just 17. She has a lot of plans for her life. And she's not going to give in to her disease and just stay at home. Therefore, in addition to the concentrator, she asks to help her buy a portable inhalation unit with consumables, to be able to do her necessary procedures wherever she is, not being tied to her home.