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You are 6 and your fairytale can still be rewritten, you will be able to breathe, Nastia!


When you see small kids being severely ill, you became embarrassed. Do such things happen? To see this and have no chance to help is really terrible. Sometimes we don’t want to see, to know. But the children do not stop being ill only because we close our eyes and do not see them… But these children can feel better and each of us can help them.

Small beauty Anastasiia has a cystic fibrosis, the most common genetic disease. No one is guilty, it just happened: DNA breakdown, it is a lottery. The respiratory and digestion organs are damaged. It cannot be completely cured, but you cannot let cystic fibrosis destroy the body. Daily cycles of inhalation and physiotherapy help to clear lungs and breathe, a mandatory kreon with every meal and extra foodstuffs keeps from exhaustion; medicines protect the liver. It is difficult and expensive and critical to her life.

Today we are asking to help to buy an oxygen device for a girl; it will help her to breathe during periods of exacerbations of pulmonary infections and not to suffocate at night, as well as a supply of special food.

https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/3790/ Please help the girl to live out the winter.