04655, Kyiv
Polyarnaya Street, home 20, office 311

I am a prisoner in four walls: help me out!


"I am ashamed to ask. But it is already hard to move, I am simply exhausted. I suffocate. And I'm 21 years old," Yura writes. He also writes that he graduated from the technical college and he wants to look for work. And that he is not ready to be prisoned in four walls chained to a power outlet. But now there is no other way out for him: his lungs do not work and the oxygen caddy breathes instead of them. It helps very well, but there is no battery and you couldn’t go out: the oxygen caddy is powered only by the mains.

Yura kindly asks us to buy a portable oxygen caddy for him, which he can take and go out without restraint.

Join here: https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/4427/