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Iliusha: he has a long road ahead of him


At this time, IIlia condition has worsened. The chest CT scan showed new bilateral bronchiectases, and he has a lung infection as a result. Ilyusha needs a course of IV antibiotics in a hospital, to dampen down the infection and prevent further lung damage. But the antibiotics to which this infectious organism is sensitive are not affordable for his family, and his mother is asking for our help to cover the cost.


Besides the antibiotics, for the daily home treatments to be effective, IIlia also needs a few pieces of medical equipment: a bactericidal lamp and a sterilizer, and also a special breathing exercise device, and a home trampoline for the physical therapy exercises. Cystic fibrosis is an illness which requires life-long treatment, and continuous effort from the entire family, without any breaks. One cannot take any vacation from it. Ilyusha has already been very ill many times during his six and a half years of life, and his family's resources have been drained because of that. Therefore, his family is asking for our help. All of us together can help them pay for the medical equipment and medications they need right now (besides, Ilyusha will be using this equipment for many years to come), and his family will be able to take a deep breath in the meantime and to muster all their strength to continue the fight, because they still have a long road ahead of them.