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Who wants to hear that he/she has cancer? Everybody wants not to know even this word. But what if alarm signs are increasing? And what if you once met this enemy and now you wake up with a thought – what if it will be back? And if you are undergoing treatment right now – how to know whether it is effective and the danger backs out? Special samples are taken and the attentive doctor will give the answer to everybody. But to do this the lab needs the necessary reagents. And now the center is being out of them. The work of the whole Kyiv Center of the Bone-Marrow Transplantation, the only one in Ukraine where the patients over 18 can receive help, is at risk.

We have an urgent request to purchase immunofixation sets identifying pathologic proteins in myeloma patients’ organisms for the lab.

How can it help people?

1. These reagents define what exactly type of cancer the patient has. Both cancer and myeloma are general diagnoses, and they include a lot of different subtypes for which the treatment also varies. Only based on the results of such analysis the doctor can decide what exactly type of chemical therapy is to be prescribed.

2. These reagents give the possibility to see the presence of cancer cells as such. This information is extremely important for the doctors in the process of treatment as it shows whether the treatment is effective and whether there are periods of remission. In addition, according to the international treatment protocols these analyses should be done in well defined days.

It means that the whole process of treatment of the patients in the center is at risk. They are getting short of reagents, and if we don’t buy new ones in time, the patients will face the breakage of the treatment protocols. And cancer likes to use it to win in the struggle for the person’s life. Could we allow that cancer takes a person who can be saved?

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