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To breathe for son. 6


"My state is of moderate severity. I wake up and labor for breath. I follow all the recommendations – doing inhalations, taking medicines, doing exercises. I feel a bit better by the evening. But then the night comes again.” Lena has been fighting the congenital disease, cystic fibrosis, all of her life. You can live with it, but you need to have a great amount of patience, willpower, strength, and… money. Daily complex therapy and regular courses of IV antibacterial therapy are a must.

"The next hospitalization is in April. If I let it slide, my state will aggravate severe condition and it will be even harder and… more expensive to pull out of it". But how can you manage it all when you have two severely ill persons in the family? Aliona has been sick since her childhood, and a few years ago her mom has succumbed to a serious illness. This spring is particularly hard – the small money they have has to be split between the three of them, be it for Aliona’s medicines, for her mom’s treatment, or for the needs of Alyona’s 5-year old son Vanya. How can you choose between these three?

With your help, we have been supporting Aliona for 4 years by now. It was made possible thanks to hundreds of people who didn’t stay indifferent but made a pause for a moment in order to help. The young woman’s current need is to pay the cost of antibiotics for her in-patient therapy course. Let us help her now. https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/4420/