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Fight for his life


Yaroslav's disease of cystic fibrosis affects the whole body: it damages the lungs and liver, affects the digestion process and food absorption. A patient has to take enzymatic drugs for life, but even this is not enough to cope with the challenge – typically, cystic fibrosis patients are thin and underweight. They can live like this, more or less, but in the event of a serious upcoming surgery, let alone surgery as serious as the lungs' transplantation, a patient needs a bigger 'strength reserve', for the body to withstand all of the load.

In a situation like this а PEG tube is placed in a patient's body – a special tube for enteral nutrition that delivers special high-calorie formula directly to the person's stomach, thus enabling the person to quickly gain weight. For Yaroslav, adequate weight is one of his eligibility requirements to be admitted for the surgery, but enteral nutrition formulas are quite costly. And this is just one of the few challenges that his family has to overcome on his road to the life-giving surgery.