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When you look not into the eyes of a child, but on his lips: pink? Blue? White? The mother of a child with breathing problems learns to read his state by his face, his hands. Watching: does he play with pleasure? Did he run to his favorite motor vehicles or lay down to rest after school? She warns the people at school: "Call me, if...". The difficulty is that the nasolabial triangle turns blue when the oxygen deficiency is already very strong. It is necessary to fix the problem and take measures earlier: and for this, you need a special device – a pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter can tell you it's time to do the exercise, and in more serious cases it will warn you that an exacerbation is starting. Also, its indicators are taken into account when one needs to make a decision whether it is necessary to connect an oxygen apparatus and, if so, to what power. It also helps to decide that it is time to prescribe hospitalization for a stabilizing intravenous course of therapy. And there is a very big difference: whether to prescribe hospitalization in advance, prepare, arrange for substitution at work and raise money for medicines, and not to forget to put your favorite toys in the bag – or go on an ambulance, be afraid, rush in despair that something is missing...