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So that a sunny baby can breathe



The sunny baby needs a portable oxygen machine so that he can breathe wherever he is.

Oxygen concentrator with batteries we want to buy is the best solution for such cases. The low weight of 2.5 kg gives a possibility to take it during the trips, 2 batteries with a capacity of 8 hours each will withstand even long journeys. The boy is treated in Kyiv Heart Center, he is also often hospitalized in Dnipro city.

In addition, the home oxygen device failed the other day – it is far from being new, has to be repaired, and the kid needs a more reliable device. Unfortunately, Glib has a lot of problems – in spite of many operations, his heart is still weak, his kidneys and lungs fail, every day there are many worries, and every hour of life is a struggle. A little boy tries his best. We can help him feel better and at least not suffer from suffocation.