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Bathing without water – is that possible


We keep track of how the area of palliative care has been developing, and admire all the amazing things that have been invented. And so we thought – it is a simple matter to put together a small hygiene kit, which would contain the minimum necessary number of convenient, practical items, which would make it easier to take care of a bed-bound person. And this person would be so pleased to feel the comfort of being clean and smelling good – and the main thing, the person's relatives would not have to put forth extraordinary efforts to achieve that, and that means, the person would not have to feel guilty, or that they are a burden to their family...

Things we included in the kit:
- rinse-free soap, with special emollients for the skin;
- moisturizing lotion, specially formulated to be used after washing with rinse-free soap;
- dry shampoo, for washing the hair, also without needing to rinse;
- bath mitts to use for these, and special wet hygiene wipes, larger than the baby wipes, and with special emollients.

"Rinse-free" is very important. Because if the person is bed-bound, it is extremely difficult it practically impossible to get them into the bath or shower in a regular apartment. And to try to bathe the person in bed requires a lot of agility, and it's still not the same as a proper bath or shower. This kit does not contain any unusual items, and the total cost of it is 627 UAH. For a family of a seriously ill person, that is a fair amount of money. These are the items they are unlikely to buy, given all their other expenses. And many people don't even know that such things exist.

Why should we spend money on those who cannot be cured? For the very simple reason – the attitude towards the sick and the elderly are treated, that indicates whether a society is civilized. It is an indicator of our humanity. Let us start this project together and buy these kits for 12 families, so that they would know that they are not alone and that we care. We are right beside them.

Support here: https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/4462/