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Win a fight for life. 2


"I wrote an application to all the institutions, went to the parliamentary sessions, and addressed everyone. "Wait, there is no money", they say or promise without result", Anya tells. Meanwhile, her disease, cystic fibrosis, does not wait: without the necessary therapy, it destroys the body depriving the ability to breathe. The families of the patients with the same diagnosis often help Ania with the medicines: each providing one bottle or one packaging. But you will not live out for a long time in this way. To live Ania needs help from all of us.

Thanks to the help of the good people and the UBB team, we have already helped the girl with the medicines, we also bought oxygen machines and other equipment, which increases the efficiency of home treatment and facilitates Ania's life. Now we kindly ask you to help to pay for a six-month supply of medicines to support her daily therapy. Ania's life literally depends on the availability of these medicines. And we really want her life to belong.