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Grandma and grandson fight together


One can say lucky - Yegor was diagnosed heavily in half a year, therefore, he did not manage to destroy the organism, the correct treatment stabilized the condition of the baby who had spent the first months of life in hospitals. In a year and two kids lost their mother - since then the grandmother worried about him. The rest - like everybody: in his 8 Egor likes to construct cars and planes from lego, loves animals, is interested in the history of dinosaurs, dreams of becoming a paleontologist when he grows up. He still does not understand: in order to grow up, grandmother must find money for supporting treatment again and again.

Grandma Yegor, Elena Ivanovna, does not sit idly by hands. The fact that today the boy is quite stable and gets to the hospital for hospitalization only once a year planned - to a great extent her merit. However, the boy still lacks a number of medical equipment, it is extremely important that the quality - and hence the effectiveness - the treatment was maximal. The grandmother simply is not able to provide everything, therefore, appeals to us with you for help.

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