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Protect a child. Kiev region


suction equipment for Protect a child project. Kiev regionProtect a child. Kiev region

This photo is not staged this is actual equipment which is still in use because no other equipment is available. It works... sometimes; more often, it's being repaired. The Kiev Regional Children's Hospital has to treat children today using this equipment. How can it be done?

Suction is used when it is necessary to clear the respiratory passages of mucus if the child isn't able to clear it by coughing. That can happen with younger children, and even with the older ones who have severe congenital or chronic illnesses, or even a severe acute illness. A child might be very short of breath only because the respiratory passages are clogged, and that is where the special medical suction can help. With the aid of this section, it is also possible to get sputum samples for culture, to determine what microorganisms caused the illness, which is especially important for the younger children.

At this time, the unit which treats younger children (up to the age of three), only has two suction devices – the "monster" which you see in the photo – sometimes the staff can convince it to actually work – and one newer suction device, which one of the children's parents gave to the hospital... The pulmonology unit does not have a single suction device – the last one they had was discarded as no longer usable, a couple years ago. Therefore, the children who need to be suctioned have to be admitted to the intensive care unit. The intensive care unit has one suction device, which has to do the work for all the patients admitted to the hospital, and it's time for that suction device to "retire", too.

In short, it's time to purchase new suction equipment, so that the doctors would be able to do their job more easily so that the children could be treated for their illnesses in a safer and more efficient manner. Let's do that, shall we?

Total need 14 910 UAH.