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A call from Dr. Zoya


"An anti-decubitus mattress is urgently needed," the voice of our wonderful Dr. Zoya is again in the receiver. "The warehouse is empty for now, we cannot help,” lately we have to answer like that and it’s scary. Because Zoya at this moment is visiting a sick person. This person is severely ill and probably does not rise at all – there are wounds from lying motionless on his/her body, and this is terribly painful. Such bedsores can occur literally in 2 hours and reach the degree when the body rots to the bone.

And anti-decubitus mattresses greatly facilitate the care of the bedridden patient and prevent the occurrence of such wounds. If you support this project, you will help people not to suffer. Anti-decubitus mattress – what is it? Filled with either air or lose fillers, when a person lies in the bed for a long time such mattress helps to reduce pressure on the body at the most critical points, for example, elbows, hip joints, coccyx, and heels. The less is the pressure, the less is the risk of bedsores generation. It is difficult and expressive to cure them and takes a lot of time. And the worst thing in this situation is the pain! The pain is so strong that you don’t know what to do to escape it. It is better to prevent than to cure.

The alternative to such mattresses is only constant, every 1-2 hours, day and night, change of body position. It is on the verge of the impossible, both in the hospital and at home. If you need to turn up the body every 2 hours – how one can sleep? If the weight of a sick person is almost 100 kg? Even if not 100, but more than the weight of a person who cares about a sick one? We consulted the experts in palliative care, we asked for the manufacturers' discounts and finally got an excellent offer in terms of price and quality. It remains only to raise funds and buy these 12 mattresses. And not to shudder any more when Dr.Zoya calls.