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Breathing is getting harder


And Nastia is just 17. She has a lot of plans for her life. And she's not going to give in to her disease and just stay at home. Therefore, in addition to the concentrator, she asks to help her buy a portable inhalation unit with consumables, to be able to do her necessary procedures wherever she is, not being tied to her home.

When a person has an incurable disease, he/she has to learn how to live with it, for there'll be no other life, you cannot 'wait it out', these challenges are with you for life. However, you can tame them and make it so that the disease wouldn't shut out your life.
So, the stock of medicines, a portable inhalator and an oxygen unit are the things that will help Nastia now not to drop out of active living. Would you please support Nastia in her challenge?