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Andrii: to keep going and be alive. 2


"My name is Yasya, I was lucky to become the wife of a beautiful man, Andrii. We have met in 2006 and since then I have never ceased to be surprised at his positive attitude in the most desperate situations", her letter stands out in particular. We get letters mostly from mothers of children with cystic fibrosis. But Andrii – one of the few adults with this diagnosis, finished studies, began working, started a family.

Andrii is trying. But, constantly spending money on supporting treatment, it is impossible for his family to buy an oxygen apparatus that costs over one hundred thousand Ukrainian hryvnias. But we all could give him this miracle.

"Despite everything, I continue making plans for the future: I want to go to a place where I haven’t been yet, breathe deeply the air of mountains and seas, forests and ancient cities ... I collect impressions! And I also love fishing", says Andrii. The portable oxygen concentrator weighs 2 kg, it is located in a convenient shoulder bag, and its battery is enough for a whole day. This means – Andrew will not be tied to a socket, will be able to move freely, work, walk, and live!

"Help Andrew stay active longer, he is an amazing person! God bless you all! Peace and kindness to everyone", writes Yasya, and we ask together with her: help this family save a life. Your help today is the life of Andrii.