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Help out of reanimation


How terrifying it is to know that your child win never become adult, never go to school, and never… with the serious and unhealable disease there are lots of "never". But we are still able to help one: not to allow a child to be left alone in intensive care. Let’s help Misha get back home to his relatives. His elder sister Nastya is waiting for him and their mother. It is hard for her too, since she is only 12 and her mother and brother are in the hospital.

Misha needs: an oxygen concentrator, medical suction, consumables for them, disposable diapers. Misha has GM1 gangliosidosis. Skipping all the medical terms, this is a rare genetic disease that affects the work of all organs. The nervous system and lungs are particularly affected. Unfortunately, now the child is in serious condition, according to the doctors, he does not see and does not hear. But... he feels everything. When mom leaves the intensive care unit and Misha remains there himself, he is very worried and cries. He wants to be with mom.


We, adults, being big and strong, can easily help a small family to be together. And, probably, the most important thing is to help Misha to live fully the whole life that he has.