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Let Zhenia grow!


"This is my only son, Zhenia. He is going on for 10 very soon, but he does not look his age. He is very thin because ordinary food is not digested correctly”, this is how the letter begins. Feeding her son is more than a challenge for Svetlana. Zhenia was born with a severe disease of cystic fibrosis. DNA mutations disrupt the normal activity of the whole organism and make digestion difficult. To grow the boy must constantly take special high-calorie nutrition, and this is almost 3 000 UAH per month.

Today 10-year old Zhenia has grown to 136 cm, an average height for his age, but his weight is only 21 kg, as a 7-year old kid. It should not be like that. "Zhenia is a dreamer and inventor! He has his favorite cat, plays with him all his free time and composes songs and poems about him. Zhenia grows up kind and very kind-hearted boy, who, like all the children, believes in miracles!".

Become a wizard for Zhenia, help his mom to feed him, let the boy grow!