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Angelina: how expensive is life?


Despair, anger, weakness... When a child is born with an incurable disease, you experience a storm of feelings. But you need to accept the reality and to learn to live with it. Baby Angelina has cystic fibrosis – this disease affects the whole body, damaging the vital functions: food digestion, growth... breathing. With cystic fibrosis, people can live a long life, but all the necessary support is expensive. And the girl wants to live, to dance and sing! And the girl wants to go to the 1st class in September! And you need to be in time.

Angelina does not know that her life is so expensive. She wants to sing and dance. She is planning to go to school. She had to miss one year because the recrudescence happened too often, but she does not intend to miss another one.


Help her, please, do not give up ahead of time!