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Teen dreams


Apart from regular medical procedures, Kostia, like his healthy coevals, goes to school. Loves to chat with friends, play football and table tennis, ride a bike. He decided to graduate from school well and get a good profession. He dreams of going to the seaside and looks at how people in other countries live, what nature is in other lands, to explore, what is it – diversity of life.

In order Kostia could have the chance to grow up and make his dreams come true, he needs help today. It is necessary to pay a new powerful inhaler with consumable materials, a breathing simulator, a bactericidal lamp, and a sterilizer. He also needs a pulse oximeter – a small device measuring pulse and oxygen level in the blood, helping to monitor the state of the lungs.

All the treatment of cystic fibrosis is very expensive, budget funds cover only a part of the cost, so the family must monthly purchase a significant volume of the medicine on its own. It is not possible for them to pay in addition to the equipment. But together we can do it!