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Too many trials at the same time


Since the beginning of the year, five members of the family have received surgery. Since her birth, the fourth member – Alionka – lives with a severe incurable illness, cystic fibrosis. It’s possible to live with it even more than a dozen years, but only under the condition of complex therapy. Only the drugs that currently aren’t included in public purchasing require 7 thousand UAH per month. In addition, special high-calorie diet, medical equipment, and consumables are needed for it. For now, the family is financially exhausted, they need help today as never.

The girl is 8 years old now, she goes to school and tries not to skip lessons when possible, but still, she has to go to the hospital on a regular basis for intravenous antibiotic therapy. She dreams of dancing and singing, but for a moment treatment procedures take too much time and effort. Aliona hopes that it will be easier.

And now we ask you to support this family. Too many trials at the same time, it is impossible to cope with difficulties alone. Aliona shouldn’t in any way interrupt the treatment.