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He could become an adult, he wants to live


Maxim always says that he'll manage on his own, he says that others have a greater need. He rarely accepts help, and this might be the first time that he actually asks for it. This young man was born with a severe incurable disease and he literally has to fight for each day of his life since the moment of his birth, and this is quite an expensive battle. More often than not, he has to pay for his medicines from his own pocket – the state budget can't afford it, but he cannot postpone his treatments. The next inpatient treatment is scheduled for December, and now Maxim asks to help him cover the cost of IV therapy drugs crucial for his life.


An inpatient treatment plan is developed for every patient; besides, each of them diligently watches his health status and does his best to initiate treatment at the very first signs of acute infection, for at times even a common cold can turn into a patient's admission to ICU.

The next inpatient treatment for Maxim is scheduled for December this year. He finds it hard to ask for help, but we are asking on his behalf. Maxim really needs it. He is no longer a child, he's been able to make it into the adulthood, but he strives to keep on living.