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Fight for every breath


Danylo grows by leaps and bounds. He was a blond babe with the curly hair and now he is a boy with serious eyes. Nowadays he is 4 and a half, and he understands a lot. Dan’ka was born with the cystic fibrosis, a severe genetic disease. It is not fatal; one can live with it, even for a long time. But you need to fight for this life every day and every hour. Supporting medicines, physical therapy, inhalations in the morning and in the evening – all these actions are critical and very expensive. There are a mother and an elder brother in the family.

Now Danylo has a very small family – only his mother is taking care of him and his brother-schoolboy, there is nobody else to help. That is why all of us together help Dan’ka. Simply because a small boy should not be alone. No one should be left alone with the misfortune. Today our task is to pay for the reserve of medicines for half a year and to buy missing equipment and consumables. Let the boy grow. And we'll take him to school together.

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