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Chernihiv asks breathe! 2


The pulmonologic department of the Chernihiv Oblast Children's Hospital is the only one in the whole region, where children are treated with chronic broncho-obstructive diseases, congenital malformations of the respiratory system, cystic fibrosis and other diseases of the bronchopulmonary system. And again doctors are asking for our assistance to solve an easy and at the same time difficult task – to enable children to breathe.

Just imagine: 1300 children a year receive treatment in the same department! And in this section? The supply of additional oxygen is out of service! Thus if a child starts to choke? Only available help is intensive care, that is if they can make in in time! Is that how it should be in 21’st century!? The solution is simple – purchase of own oxygen concentrator along with supplies of a cannula, masks, and filters. Price – 20 650 UAH. A lot? Yes! Yet nothing in comparison with the safety of children. Moreover, this equipment will function for several years and will really help hundreds of little patients. Do we protect our children? And when in trouble –are there not ours?

Doctors of the department, parents whose children are being treated in Chernihiv, we ask you to help in this important funding collection.


It's time to start changing our hospitals and treatment conditions. After all, who if not us?