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Happy story for Roma


“Roman is 2 years old, and his pancreas practically does not function. The diagnosis is cystic fibrosis, the form is medium-heavy. This disease affects the lungs and digestive system. As of today the boy needs everyday inhalations, working on breathing equipment, special diet food and enzyme medicines as soon as he is practically has no his own enzymes. "Today I ask you to help our child", Mama Alexandra is very precise and concrete. She got hold of herself, studied all difficult rules of life with cystic fibrosis and is determined to fight for her son. And today they need help.


The family of little Roman asks for help in paying for the respiratory trainnig device, a powerful inhaler - the usual one will not cope with the intensive treatment of pseudomonas infection - and consumables as well. In addition, we plan to purchase a 2-month supply of special high-calorie nutrition. Now Roma's weight is only 15 kg, we can not lose a single one anymore.