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Help to feed Misha. 2


"The medical examination revealed that Misha should be monitored at the Transplantology Institute and should be put on a waiting list for a liver transplant," the beginning of this year was more than worrisome for a small family from Lisichansk. The doctors give six more months for monitoring. In the interim, Misha needs to take medicines that support liver function and to gain more weight – it's far from being normal and in the view of looming serious surgery, he needs to gain weight the sooner the better. Would you please help the boy?


In Lugansk region, it is difficult to obtain anything at the expense of the state budget. And the boy's currently in a bad shape and his time is running out. His mother asks for help in stocking up on Ursofalk medicine and special high-calory diet. These things are needed not only in the view of pending liver transplant issue, but they help to maintain the quality of usual everyday life, because body weight is not just about esthetics, it helps you sustain your vitality, your capability to resist infections which continually bombard a CF patient. By supporting Misha, you'll help him ward off the enemy's attacks and gain victory in the fight for his life.