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Protect the baby. Kyiv region. 3


30 children with cystic fibrosis are treated in the )Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital (Boyarka town) during the year. Almost every two weeks someone comes to get droppers, go through the necessary sets of procedures. Many of them have to use the oxygen apparatus constantly and they have their own apparatus at home. But it's very inconvenient to carry apparatus to the hospital. Yes, it sounds like nonsense - to go to the hospital with your medical equipment!

Cystic fibrosis is a disease with which people constantly resort to the fund. Both children and adults are ours. And when good, adequate, caring about their patients, doctors ask for help, we definitely cannot ignore them and not try to help. It is very easy to help - to raise money for an oxygen concentrator to be purchased and additional consumables to it so that no infection is transmitted between the patients through the equipment. And this device will help doctors to save and cure our children for a long time.