04655, Kyiv
Polyarnaya Street, home 20, office 311

I am Nadiia/Hope


Heart disease and pulmonary hypertension, and as a result, frequent pneumonia and bronchitis. "It is terribly exhausting. I have accepted my diseases and have been learning to live with them for 46 years. I am a positive and open person, I try to live an active life and not depend on anyone", Nadia tells. "During 2018 my state of health has declined a lot, I began to suffocate. But I know that my life can become much easier and more comfortable with constant oxygen and drug therapy. Therefore, I ask for your help".

Planning business and travel Nadezhda should keep her health in mind all the time, assess whether there is enough strength. When you are suffocating, the world loses its colors and, finally, you want only one thing: to breathe again.