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"Baby boxes" for special babies


Now, this moment when parents first hear the words "cystic fibrosis" and google it – they will get lost: there is a lot of information, the therapy looks complicated and numbers with four zeros are overwhelming. We want such families could receive support at this difficult time: the equipment necessary for daily treatment from the time the diagnosis has been set, the supply of special high-calorie nourishment and instructions on the further steps and specifics of therapy. The baby will begin to get the necessary treatment faster, and parents will recover and orient themselves in a new reality easier with this support.

We have seen how much it helps. Thus, we want such support to become systematic. Now we are asking for your help to pack the first five special "baby-boxes" for children who will come to life in 2019 and hear the word: cystic fibrosis. Let their life begin not with despair but with care!