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Sasha: I'm not going to die! 2


Right now, we can make life easier for Olexandra and her children. Right now, while she still doesn't have healthy lungs, she would be able to breathe using artificial "lungs in a bag"--a portable oxygen concentrator, which only weighs 5 pounds, runs on a battery, and can easily be carried in an over-the-shoulder bag. With that, she could go anywhere – to visit her son in the hospital, to walk her daughter to school, to go to the grocery store, or even to simply take a walk outside... because for many months now, this young woman has been a prisoner of her room with an electric outlet, where her stationary oxygen concentrator is plugged in. The stationary concentrator was also purchased with the help of caring people and the UBB. Thanks to this concentrator, Olexandra has been able to survive and to be able to breathe while she's in her room. Now, let us all help her to be able to breathe and to spend time with her children outside the apartment, as well.