04655, Kyiv
Polyarnaya Street, home 20, office 311

from 2012

years working

for our children


family under

long-term care of now


family received

help before

3 687 459

collected money, UAH

4 785 658

transferred to humanitarian

assistance in the amount of UAH


BMT (bone marrow transplantation)

Program support recovery and the Kiev Center of organ transplantation bone marrow - edynstvennoho in Ukraine, where the procedure эtu mogut pass patsyentы over 18 years.

As chance organ transplantation

Program support children who carry out an operation to transplant a kidney in Ukraine.


Additional program for patients with non-standard stories.

Program support children with cerebral palsy

The program of systematic support for families raising children with cerebral palsy, in the process of rehabilitation and treatment.


Helping children and adults with a diagnosis of "cystic fibrosis"


The program is helping patients whose cure is not possible.

Adult children

Project assistance to those who no longer a child, but also in need of help.

Ukrainian Hospital

Support program of treatment and rehabilitation facilities Kiev

Human needs a human

Програма дружньої підтримки дітей та дорослих, які переживають тривале лікування (листи, подарунки, спілкування).